Airedale 16" x 20" Mixed-Stitch Pillow
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AIREDALE. What is cuter than an Airedale? Two Airedales! NCU246 is a handmade Needlepoint and Petit Point pillow. The Airedales are Petit Point allowing lots of realistic detail. The Black and Tan wire coated dogs are so realistic. Little green patches of grass lie underneath their feet, as they cutely stare at each other. A pale yellow field adorns the Airedales. A rich chocolate Brown fringe edges the pillow.Chocolate Brown velvet zippered back. Includes Polyester stuffer

  • Item #: NCU246
  • Manufacturer: Michealian Home
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: NCU246
  • Condition: New

Airedale 16" x 20" Mixed-Stitch Pillow

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