Neogothic  Needlepoint Pillow
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Neogothic is a classic Needlepoint Pillow, 16"x20". Neogothic has a Berry colored feild. Three Fluer De Lis lie on top of this Berry field. The Fleur De Lis are Beige, Tan, Carmel, Off White, Paynes Grey,Drab Green, Brown, and Black. The Berry color makes these Fleur De Lis "POP" of the field. A Black border is at the top and bottom of the pillow. An Off White and Taupe Scroll lie within the Black borders. Black velvet zippered back.Is great alone in a wing back chair, or on a sofa

  • Item #: NCU42MH
  • Manufacturer: Michealian Home
  • Condition: New

Neogothic Needlepoint Pillow

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